RNSG2160 Medication Assignment Answers


RNSG 2160 Mental Health Nursing Clinical


RNSG2160 Medication Assignment Answers Houston Community College

  1. Assignment: You are required to submit a patient handout (no more than 2 pages) (Font: Calibri 12) on the assigned antipsychotic medication with the following information:
    1. Description of the properties
    2. Mechanism of action
    3. Desired effects and undesired effect
    4. Nursing interventions of the medicationx2.
    5. Discussion of side effects,
    6. Adverse effects usual
    7. Dosage, route, frequency and costs
    8. Any dietary and drug restrictions
    9. Cautions about the use of herbal supplements contraindications.
    10. Include developmental considerations (i.e. pediatric, geriatric)
    11. Describe the clinical assessments/monitoring required for this medication (list labs, psychosocial, physical).
    12. Include a teaching plan for the client taking the assigned medication.

    13.  Include professional websites that offer guidance on the medication. RNSG2160 Medication Assignment Answers



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