RS200_X40_Intro to Religious Studies : Wk6 Discussion Question 2



As you may have noticed the reading for this week has shifted to a more philosophical discussion concerning morality.  One of the concepts presented is the justification theory of morality. Discuss the positions described from this perspective (duty, consequences) and one or two of the subgroups. Realizing there are no absolutes in this question, which appeals to you as a useful ethical description.  These concepts are highly conceptual so be as concrete in your answer as you can. Give an example from the text or one of your own of how these concepts apply to or are applied in religion.

Along with your primary posting (due Thursday), respond to at least two other student’s posting by Sunday. Your response should encourage a dialogue similar to that of a classroom discussion. Your post should be substantive, reflecting your critical grasp of the reading material and incorporate your own viewpoint. It will be graded according to the grading rubric for postings included in the syllabus, and the syllabus will also list the point value associated with this activity.


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