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Wk7 Journal

Contemplatives in Action: Familiarity with God that enables one to instinctively recognize His presence and activity at any moment of the day, and to determine with relative facility what choices will better serve God.

The last chapter of the text closes with the questions “What must I do to be saved?” and “What must human beings do to understand and bring order to life?”  For your final journal reflection, consider the Jesuit question “How ought we to live?” in your reflection on bringing contemplation into action.  What take-away or new insight will you apply in your everyday activity?

Post an excerpt from your journal in the Forum by Thursday. Share as freely as you are comfortable. Your excerpt for each week should touch on your journal responses to the specific Journal questions for this week. (Note: for confidentiality purposes, please limit sharing any personal experiences or events in the Discussion Forum to times that occurred before you were a student at Regis.)


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