SOC 315 Wk 5 Discussion Answers



SOC 315 Wk 5 Discussion Answers

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Due Thursday

As we wrap-up the final week of the course, we will examine global and social responsibility as it relates to the nature of racism and bias. In previous weeks, we discussed the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Now, we will shift to a global perspective and explore discriminatory workplace practices and potential solutions created by diversity training programs and other managerial initiatives. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

How can organizations demonstrate more social responsibility and become more globally conscious, especially during corporate mergers? Why is this important, if at all? Discuss some ways in which organizations can engage with the local community to promote inclusion and develop a diverse workforce. Provide some specific examples of how an organization that wants more diverse members can recruit good candidates.


Due Monday

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