SOCIOL 200 Wk 2 Discussion


SOCIOL 200P 101 Race Racism & Spring 2022


SOCIOL 200 Wk 2 Discussion

Week 2: Discussion Board Reflection for Video Lecture

What were for you the most important points of the Video Lecture for Week 2. Your comment(s) should demonstrate that you have viewed the Week 2 Online Lecture.

Comment on at least on post other than your own.

Post your answer to the above question by February 7th.

Week 2: Discussion Question: Film- The Difference Between Us

Week 2 -Episode  1 – The Difference Between Us

Prompts Below:

At the beginning of the film, the students are asked to predict whom they will be most like when they compare their DNA samples. How did the results compare with your expectations? Did you share the students surprise? If so, why?

Anthropologist Alan Goodman says that “to understand why the idea of race is a biological myth requires a major paradigm shift” Do you agree? Did the film present anything that shifted your thinking in a major way? If so what? Is it difficult to make this shift?

Post your answers to Prompt #1 and Prompt #2 by February 7th.

SOCIOL 200 Wk 2 Discussion


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