Sociology SS144 Unit 7 Discussion Solution


Your initial post should be at least 150-words in length. Your two follow-up posts should be at least 75-words in length each.


Even in urban and suburban settings where most people have homes, jobs, and lifestyles that afford a fairly similar lifestyle, there are usually obvious signs of inequality. Some people in the neighborhood may have a newer or fancier car. Others may have been able to afford to take a vacation or to send their children to private schools. When you think about it, it is difficult to find any two families within any community who truly have the same social standing. For this Discussion, you are asked to look around your own familiar neighborhood to see if there is evidence of stratification and inequality that you may not have noticed before. After you do a bit of casual observation, answer these questions.

Post a referenced, complete response to the Discussion topic after you have completed your reading. Also, respond to at least two peers by drawing a conclusion, asking a question, or offering additional resources on the topic.


What are three ways that social stratification is evident in the community where you live? Explain using detailed examples of exactly what is unequal and why it matters. Do you think that individual effort or family background is the major reason for the examples of stratification that you have identified in the community where you live?


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