Strategic Planning and Organization Development HS450 Unit 2 Assignment Answer


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Assessing and improving employee motivation is essential for effective strategic management. These skills can promote improved job satisfaction and overall productivity for successful outcomes in strategic planning for healthcare organizations. In order to properly assess motivation and satisfaction, a leader must be able to understand the needs and interpret the emotions of employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. This is referred to as emotional intelligence, which involves sensitivity to and understanding of human expressions. (Human expressions can include facial expressions, body language, verbal communication, etc.)


Conduct searches in the Library for journal articles that address the topics of emotional intelligence (EI) and leadership. Then, go to the internet and conduct a search for “free emotional intelligence test.”



After completing your EI test, answer the following questions:


  1. How does EI differ from traditional conceptions of intelligence?


  1. After completing the emotional intelligence test, do you think that emotional intelligence can be “learned?” Do you see value in focusing on working to increase your emotional intelligence? Why or why not? (To answer this question, apply the findings from your EI self-evaluation.)



  1. Is there a relationship between EI and leadership, between EI and motivation? How would you define those relationships?


  1. Have you worked for a manager that you think exhibited a high degree of EI? Conversely, have you worked for a manager that exhibited a low level of EI? What was the impact of this manager(s) on your own motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction? Do you think the manager’s EI was beneficial when interacting with employees from culturally diverse backgrounds? Provide specific examples to explain the effects on cultural diversity in the


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