RNSG 2221 Staffing Issues


RNSG 2221 Staffing Issues

Scenario: You are the manager of a 30 bed step down surgical unit. Your patient population consists of all acuity patients who have had general surgery. Your unit includes RN’s both with bachelor and associate degrees, 3 PCA’s, and one EKG tech. Utilizing the Four Key Points for Staffing (Box 13.2 pg;220), which model will you use to staff your unit and what is the rationale for the model you will use? Provide supporting evidence.

Models for Staffing: pgs; 218-221.

1. Patient Acuity

2. Budget Based Staffing

3. Nurse to patient Ratio

After submitting your response, please reply to 2 classmates responses, adding insight and whether you agree or disagree with the model they chose.



Hi Class,

I will primarily use the model of patient acuity to staff my unit. The patients in a step down unit are at a higher level of acuity than a normal med-surg floor,….