RNSG 2361  Clinical Nursing Week 1


RNSG 2361  Clinical Nursing Week 1 Chapter 56a Case Study Patient With Head Injury

Please complete the following during your simulation clinical time, and submit your assignment here.

  • Describe relevant assessment data for a patient with head trauma.
  • Prioritize nursing care for a patient with increased ICP.
  • Appropriately delegate nursing care for a postoperative craniotomy patient.
  • Discuss interprofessional care of a patient with a head injury.
  • Analyze diagnostic findings for a postoperative craniotomy patient with complications.
  • Develop an individualized teaching plan for a patient recovering from a traumatic brain injury.



Hi Class,

All the initial assessment of head injury is:

  • Cervical spine: A patient suffering from the head injury, we always consider if the cervical spine may have also been injured. Mechanisms of injury often are accompanied together, high trauma…