RNSG 2361 Week 2 Patient with Sepsis 66A


RNSG 2361 Week 2


Please complete the following during your simulation clinical time, and submit your assignment here. Must post by Monday 26th 1159pm.                             Instructions:

  • Answers must be in your own words, you will receive a zero for copy and pasting
  • Cite reference if you use infomation from your textbook
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Case Study 66A Patient with Sepsis objectives:

  • Identify relevant assessment data for a patient with sepsis.
  • Describe the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of septic shock.
  • Compare and contrast the stages of shock.
  • Evaluate results of diagnostic studies for a patient with sepsis.
  • Prioritize nursing care for a patient with septic shock.
  • Appropriately delegate care for a patient with sepsis.
  • Describe interprofessional care of a patient with severe sepsis.



Hi Class,

It starts off from infection. After the organism enters circulation, the body exaggerates inflammatory responses. There is a release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, interleukin, and activation of CNS…