HS440 Unit 1 Discussion

Discuss the role of finance in the healthcare industry. Consider your current or future position within the healthcare industry. How might you utilize financial information? Also, you may want to consider your role in the healthcare industry as a consumer. What experience do you have with healthcare finance as a patient? Utilize research to help you support your opinions here.

HS440 Unit 1 Assignment

Which forecasting techniques do you think should be used in calculating fuel prices? Time series models? Causal models? Qualitative models? In causal modeling, what types of independent variables might be used? Justify your answer.

HS440 Unit 2 Discussion

Describe the major third-party payers and the characteristics of managed care organizations. In your descriptions, consider how coding impacts reimbursement. Utilize this Discussion to start brainstorming for your Unit 2 Quiz. Share any resources you have located in your research.

HS440 Unit 3 Discussion

Describe the difference between direct costs and variable costs. Consider how a healthcare manager might use this information in making decisions. How might you, as a healthcare manager use the cost allocation method to assign costs to support activities to patient services?

HS440 Unit 3 Assignment

Describe the importance of proper coding in healthcare to ensure prompt reimbursement by answering the following questions: Describe the role of finance in the healthcare system. Describe the Diagnosis codes and how they are used, impacting reimbursement. 

HS440 Unit 6 Assignment

Using the chart of cash revenues and costs read and explain the results of the cash flow analysis. Describe incremental cash flow. Explain sunk costs, opportunity costs, strategic value, and inflation effects. Then provide your decision on whether to make the purchase or not.

HS440 Unit 5 Discussion

Topic 1:

Explain financial statement analysis and its application in healthcare finance (150-word minimum).

HS440 Unit 4 Discussion

Topic 1:

Please describe three financial reports and their uses in healthcare (150 words minimum).

HS440 Unit 7 Discussion

Topic 1:

Describe the process of inventory management and how it impacts/is related to the role of a healthcare manager (150-word minimum).

HS440 Unit 8 Discussion

Explain the calculation and interpretation of the cost of capital. In your response, consider how this cost impacts a health care manager’s decision on expansion of services, etc.

HS440 Unit 9 Discussion

Discuss three steps in the capital investment financial analysis: cash flow estimation, project risk assessment, and cost of capital estimation. How might each of these influence a health care manager’s decision to move forward with an investment decision?

HS440 Unit 10 Discussion

Why are planning and budgeting so important to an organization’s success? Reflect back on the topics covered in the course. Describe which topic you found to be most important to health care financial management and why?

SS144 Unit 1 Discussion

Choose any routine interaction that you took part in over the last week. It might be as simple as driving children to a soccer game or as complex as making a big presentation at work. Once you have the interaction in mind, apply each of the sociological theories to explain the interaction. Do not forget to use the sociological perspective to look for the strange in the familiar.

SS144 Unit 2 Discussion

Describe your understanding of the way that the material culture is related to a society’s beliefs, values, and actions. Choose two items that are within your sight as you complete this Discussion. Explain how modern beliefs, values, and actions have influenced the production of those two items of material culture.

SS144 Unit 3 Discussion

Explain how different levels of technology have shaped the development of five types of human societies over time. Describe how people in each of those societies use available technology as part of their way of life. If you had a choice to be a member of any one of those societies, including our own, which would you choose, and why?

SS144 Unit 4 Discussion

Discuss three underlying issues that caused the sexual revolution. What results of the sexual revolution can be seen in society today? Explain what you think brought on the sexual counter-revolution. Your initial post should be at least 150-words in length. Your two follow-up posts should be at least 75-words in length each.

 SS144 Unit 4 Assignment

Have you ever thought about how much of everyday life is organized by gender? When you stop to think about it, much of what most people do during the routine of a normal day is categorized as either masculine or feminine.  From the soap you use for that morning shower to the restroom you use when are work, much of what we do is influenced — even dictated — by what society says is appropriate because of our biological sex.

SS144 Unit 5 Discussion

Briefly describe each of the three leadership styles. If you could choose the leadership style of your next or current supervisor, which style would you choose? Explain why you prefer that leadership style. Describe a work situation when you worked under a leadership style that did not work well for you. How would you describe your own leadership style

 SS144 Unit 6 Discussion

After conducting research on a few government or organizational websites, develop a short scenario in which a person who is convicted of a specific crime encounters limited opportunities regarding employment and business opportunities, government benefits, and even social acceptance of that conviction

SS144 Unit 7 Discussion

What are three ways that social stratification is evident in the community where you live? Explain using detailed examples of exactly what is unequal and why it matters. Do you think that individual effort or family background is the major reason for the examples of stratification that you have identified in the community where you live?

SS144 Unit 8 Discussion

What do you think are the two most important functions of the family? Give at least one example for each function to demonstrate why you think it is important to a person’s overall life outcomes. Explain whether you think that there is any particular family structure that makes it easier or more efficient to carry out these two important functions of the family. What examples or evidence can you offer to support your response?

SS144 Unit 9 Discussion

Will the human population eventually outgrow the earth’s ability to sustain it? Conduct internet research to find two examples to support your position. Post the links, and summarize the content you researched.

SS144 Unit 10 Discussion

After you do the online investigation of just one society, post the link(s) you used. Write a two-three sentence comment about this evidence you found that the traditions of this society are changing, or might change, because of modernization processes.

PU120 Unit 1 Discussion

First, explain what is meant by the term epidemiological transition. Give a brief overview of the public health figure you chose and the work they did in public health. Which public health era did they work in and what challenges did they face? How is the world still benefiting from your chosen public health figure’s work? Finally, describe the role your public health figure played in epidemiological transition during their era.

BUS307 Week 2 Journal

In a two-page journal, address the following prompts: Define both product design and product development process. It is important to distinguish between product design and the product development process. How are they different? How does a new product or service provide a firm a competitive advantage?

BUS307 Week 3- Discussion Forum 1

Which forecasting techniques do you think should be used in calculating fuel prices? Time series models? Causal models? Qualitative models? In causal modeling, what types of independent variables might be used? Justify your answer.

BUS307 Week 3 – Discussion Forum 2

Based on the content presented, discuss some of the pros and cons of outsourcing. Do you think many organizations are experiencing an increase or decrease in their levels of outsourcing? Why?

Develop an 8-10-slide PowerPoint

Develop an 8-10-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including title page and reference page) relating to the different levels of care and major approaches of treatment for substance use disorders.

BUS307 Week 3- Discussion Forum 1

Which forecasting techniques do you think should be used in calculating fuel prices? Time series models? Causal models? Qualitative models? In causal modeling, what types of independent variables might be used? Justify your answer.

BUS307 Week 3 – Discussion Forum 2

Based on the content presented, discuss some of the pros and cons of outsourcing. Do you think many organizations are experiencing an increase or decrease in their levels of outsourcing? Why?

HA599 Unit 4 Discussion

In the discussion, thoroughly explain the characteristics of your unique 4-letter combination. What do the 4-letters mean? What are the alleged behaviors and characteristics that these individuals possess? Discuss whether you agree with these assertions. In what professions would you most likely see these individuals? Discuss your interest in these potential career paths. What are the potential benefits of working with these types of individuals? What are the potential challenges of working with these types of individuals?

HA599 Unit 5 Assignment

Submit the Unit 5 Annotated Bibliography Template with at least 20 scholarly references. Five of these scholarly references must be relative to healthcare finance. Each annotation should include a half-page summary of the selected literature yielding no less than 10 pages of originally developed content.

BUS307 Week 3 – Discussion Forum 2

Based on the content presented, discuss some of the pros and cons of outsourcing. Do you think many organizations are experiencing an increase or decrease in their levels of outsourcing? Why?

COUN 527 Module 3 & 4 Discussion

 Take the position of one of the theorists within the text chapter to indicate the concept of intelligence;  Identify components of intelligence you consider most critical and why. Consider what other areas may be related to intelligence in addition to those covered in the chapter, as well as, what types of additional research are needed relating to the areas covered.

Article Critique #1

Students will find and critique a research journal article related to the correlation of Assessment and one of ethnic minority children groups from Chapter 5 {African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Multi-ethnic Americans}. The critique should be 2 – 4 pages in length

Language Acquisition 

According to the texts, why is it important to understand language acquisition when developing reading interventions? 2. Define and explain second language acquisition. 3. Define and describe the theories of language development. Why are they important for remediating reading problems?

Discussion prompt in APA format 

Choose one of the following: 1. Identify two or three population-based and health-related interventions at your institution or in your community. Determine whether the approach has been successful in changing outcomes and/or in reducing health-related costs. Identify the aggregate population and what parameters 2. 

Supply Chain Management and Financial Plan Introduction

Prepare a simple pro forma (projected) income statement and balance sheet for the first two years of operation, using income projections and incorporating an advertising plan. Outline a plan for hiring and retaining competent, motivated employees for your business. 

Week 7: Analyze a Policy Instructions 

Write an analysis of the topic you’ve chosen, addressing: What the topic is? Why do you think the issue is important; discuss how common the problem is, and how many people it affects. What current policies are related to this issue? How you’d like to see the policy change, or what policy you’d like to see enacted?

Read the article below and then follow the instructions underneath it to complete the assignment. Link to Library Article: Snow, K. C. (2013). The Importance of Advocacy and Advocacy Competencies in Human Service Professions. Journal of Human Services, 33(1), 5-16. In a 2-page paper, using the standard APA guidelines format and proper spelling/grammar, address the following:

Technical Communication

Provide a link to the website that you choose and, using the information from the textbook, analyze why the document is not communicative. Your analysis should be from 150 to 300 words long. Refer to the textbook link below for example.

Essay #1: Describing and Analyzing a Museum Object

You may choose any of the artworks found below. The chosen object will serve as the main subject of all your research essay assignments. You will be working on this object for the rest of the semester. As soon as you have made your choice, fill out the Object Choice Form linked here (see Course Schedule for due date

Research Assignment. ( 5 PAGES) Topic: How to STOP Global Warming.

Write a five-page persuasive essay in which you take a position on a controversial issue.  This means that you must take a stand on an issue by being for or against a topic. Your topic choice must be approved by your professor. Refer to the list of approved research paper topics for choices that are given below.

 3 Page APA Paper About Family Influences and Civic Engagement

Family influences and civic engagement The following has to be answered: Think about how your family has influenced your experience and the level of civic engagement. Did your parents and other family members discussed political issues in the family setting when they were around you (at the dinner table, etc.)? 

HUS2409 Module 06 Discussion – Systems at Work

Watch the video below and then discuss the needs of the individual featured in it. To watch the video, click on the video link below and select Segments 2, 3, and 4 from the options on the right.  Video: Mezzo, Macro, and Micro Influences on Well-Being in Later Life

Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the unified and coherent nature of the Bible and the theological doctrines. One way to view Scripture is through the four major plot movements of Creation, fall, Redemption, and New Creation. Considering biblical doctrines through these four plot movements can aid in our understanding of humanity and humanity’s relationship to God. 

Week 4 – Final Informative Paper {75 points)

This week you will submit the final draft of your informative paper. This 4- to 5-paragraph paper explores a controversial topic in an informative style. This means that the writer must present an equal amount of information for both points of view related to the topic without providing personal thought or opinion.

Watch the film American Skin

Analyze the film by applying at least 10 ethical systems and/or concepts learned in class 1. Identify, define and then apply at least 10 ethical systems and /concepts that you learned in this course. 2. The concepts/terms must be in bold. E.g. Ethics of care. 3. You can only describe the scene to which the concept applies, but not the plot of the whole film.

C361_Evidence_Nursing_Research Paper

Discuss the impact of a clinical practice problem on the patient(s) and the organization. Identify the following PICO components of the clinical practice problem: (1) Patient/population/problem (P) (2) Intervention (I) (3) Comparison (C) (4) Outcome (O) Develop an evidence-based practice (EBP) question based on the clinical practice problem discussed in part A and the PICO components identified in part

Relief of the Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

Within this FOUR-full-page written paper (without the cover page; it will be FIVE PAGES with the cover above! Number the pages.), Please follow closely the guidelines below: The First Paragraphs: Introduce briefly both of your works here that you will compare/contrast the two pieces. The second and third paragraphs: -Describe in detail how they look in the online collection space


The student will virtually tour a historic site on Encyclopedia Virginia, or, if the student lives in Virginia, he/she may physically tour a historic site of his/her choosing within the state. Note things like the architecture, layout, or notable aspects of the site’s physical appearance, and think about how those things connect to its historical significance.


Week 1 Discussion 1 and 3 Responses

Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship is at the heart of the economic development strategies of many emerging economies. Discuss why this is such an important tactic for emerging economies and how the evolution of these economies in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship could threaten more established economies.

Week 1 Discussion 2 and 3 Responses

Some academics and business leaders have started to believe that the innovation advantage the United States has traditionally enjoyed has begun to erode. They cite the intense focus on developing innovation in emerging economies and in established economies in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, as well as the continued erosion of factors such as educational attainment in the United States

Week 2 Discussion 1 and 3 Responses

As discussed in the previous class, innovation and entrepreneurship are critical factors to the development of emerging economies. The successful encouragement of these is seen as an indicator of a growing and sustainable economy. Discuss specifically how innovation and entrepreneurship lead to sustainable growth in emerging economies, citing case studies and examples to support your view.

81180 SYG-2010 202108 DQ 4 Chapter 4

Think about a heated conversation that you have recently had or heard regarding a current event or controversial issue. (Do not write about a personal argument.) Consider the issue and your position on it. Come up with 3 different reasons why you think your position on the topic is correct. You can select any topic you like—just make sure the topic is appropriate for an argumentative essay and related to an issue that will hold your interest when you return to this essay in the coming weeks.

Prework for Argumentative Essay

 In this assignment, you will practice prewriting strategies, researching, and APA in-text citations. Some academics and business leaders have started to believe that the innovation advantage the United States has traditionally enjoyed has begun to erode. They cite the intense focus on developing innovation in emerging economies and in established economies in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, as well as the continued erosion of factors such as educational attainment in the United States

Argumentative Essay

In Unit 4 you submitted your prewriting and preliminary research on the topic you picked. This week, you will submit a complete draft of your argumentative essay. Make sure the topic is appropriate and that you incorporate the feedback provided to you by your instructor on the choice of topic, the argument(s) you proposed to support it, and the supporting source you found. Based on what you have learned in this unit about information literacy, feel free to search for other sources to support your viewpoint that you feel are of better quality based on the TRAP test you used for the first submission for this unit.

A Difficult Dilemma Question

 If you were forced to choose between having Human Rights laws or Civil Rights laws, and it was not permitted for your country to have both, which sets of laws do you think would most protect you, the individual person, from government, military, and police harassments for anything, from political incorrectness to belonging to a religion?

Design a Performance Improvement Plan

Design a performance improvement plan (PIP), 4-7 pages in length, for the manager of an inpatient psychiatric unit, based on a one-page case study scenario. Read the Managing the Toxic Leader Case Study Scenario [DOCX] from the perspective of the chief nursing officer (CNO) or director of nursing (DON) who supervises 3 West.

Biller/Benefits Coordinator Interview

Write a paper (500-750 words) that describes the processes used in producing a final bill. Include your interview questions with your paper. Answer the following questions in your discussion: Who did you interview? Where does he or she work? What is his or her role/title? What is the difference between paying with cash, third-party insurance, or Medicare/Medicaid?

Week 2 Discussion 2 and 3 Responses

While encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation are important to the development of emerging economies, it is a very challenging goal to achieve. Discuss two to three barriers to successful entrepreneurship that exist in emerging economies, citing case studies and examples to support your view.

Week 3 Discussion 1 and 3 Responses

Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Refer to the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric under the Settings icon above for guidance on how your discussion will be evaluated.

Week 3 Discussion 2 and 3 Responses

Your readings and research have illustrated a number of emerging economies that are doing better than their peers in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. Discuss the commonalities among these countries and whether some prototypes of success emerge. Can you categorize countries that are more likely to be successful at encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship than others?

BUS307 Week 5- Discussion Forum 2

Discussion Question 4: The chapter notes that Kanban is not a planning tool but a control mechanism. What does this mean? How does the Marsica MRP-Kanban example in Example 13.4 in Chapter 13 of the textbook illustrate the point?

BUS307 Week 5- Week 5 – Final Paper

Create a master production schedule for the breadmaker in the case that considers production levels, demand for the product and the best business strategy for the situation presented. Consider the below bullet points. What do the projected ending inventory and available-to-promise numbers look like? Has Realco “overpromised”?

Transitional Care Application

Read the Transitional Care Scenario located in the Allied Health Community media piece located in the course materials. Click “Enter,” then click “Scenarios.” Scroll down to “Health Care Accounting and Billing” and click “View Scenario.” Read the “Instructions and Legend,” close the box (X), then click on the Transitional Care building on the left of the map and “Download Full Scenario.

BUS307 Week 4 Journal

Explain what S&OP is, how it works, and why it is important.  Provide your reflections on the article. Select an organization of your choice. Explain how S&OP is applied. Provide your views and insights on their S&OP model. Explain why their S&OP model is effective and delivers needed results, or why it is not effective, and what steps in the model could be improved on.

BUS307 Week 5- Discussion Forum 1

SAP is the world leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems software and has developed tailored ERP systems for different industries. Go to SAP’s Portfolio Categories (Links to an external site.) webpage and examine the solutions for (a) a service industry and (b) a manufacturing industry of your choice. How are they similar? How are they different?

BUS307 Week 4 – Discussion Forum 2

Maximize their process flexibility so that ordering costs are minimal. Stabilize demand levels. Shrink lead times as much as possible. Assign much higher holding costs to inventory than has traditionally been the case. Using the economic order quantity (EOQ) and reorder point (ROP) formulas, explain how such efforts would be consistent with JIT’s push for lower inventory levels.

Q-and-A Report on a Recent Outbreak of Infectious

What is the name of the causative agent? Describe its effects on the body. What is the incubation period? What are the signs and symptoms? (List them.) Is it communicable/contagious person-to-person? If so, how is it transmitted? What is the treatment? Is it a “reportable disease?” If it is a reportable disease, discuss which class it’s found in on the reportable list and the reporting requirements. 

Partnering to Heal 2 parts of the Interactive Video

write a 350-word paper that addresses the following questions about infection control: What happened to the young student who was just in the hospital for an appendectomy but ended up dying? Discuss this scenario—the breakdown in infection prevention, lack of/inappropriate use of PPE, etc. Discuss the inter-and intra-professional collaboration and communication that is vital between nurses and doctors in caring for patients.

Community Comprehensive Assessment 

What surprised you the most about your community after you completed this assessment? Explain. What resources were you expecting to find, but didn’t? Explain. Tell me about resources that were present in the community, yet were not plentiful enough to be of much help to the targeted population. Lastly, reflect on how knowing your community better will help you in your role as a nurse—whether in the hospital, home health, etc. 350 words

BUS307 Week 1 Journal

Answer the following questions: What is supply chain management? What observations do you have on supply chain management and its relationship to different businesses? Refer to the article 9 Charts Show the Highs and Lows of Supply Chains in Q1

BUS307 Week 2 – Discussion Forum 1

At the end of Chapter 14, complete Discussion Question 3: What are the main advantages of using a network-based approach to project management rather than a Gantt chart? Under what circumstances might a Gantt chart be preferable to a network-based approach?

BUS307 Week 2 – Discussion Forum 2

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 3: Process Choice and Layout Decisions in Manufacturing and Services, and Chapter 6: Managing Capacity, paying close attention to Sections 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3, reviewing the concepts of capacity, three common capacity strategies, methods of evaluating capacity alternatives, and decision trees.

BUS307 Week 3 Journal

In a two-page journal address, the following prompts: Define logistics and explain why logistics management is important. How does logistics management apply to your organization? Logistics incorporates a wide range of business activities: Name four of those activities and explain how your organization manages logistics.

BUS307 Week 3 – Assignment

In your paper, Explain in detail why data analysis skills are so important to spend analysis. Describe how a structured process such as the Six Sigma methodology (Chapter 4) can be useful to identify spending patterns and opportunities for improvement. Recommend which functional areas of the business, such as finance, should be involved in spend analysis efforts, and justify the rationale for your choices.

BUS307 Week 4 – Discussion Forum 1

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 10: Sales and Operations Planning (Aggregate Planning), and Chapter 12: Managing Production Across the Supply Chain.

 In general, under what conditions might a firm favor a level production plan over a chase plan? A chase production plan over a level plan?

Research about Spotify (organization behaviour

Research and analysis about Shopify. Researching the OB topics, concepts, and examples and connect how this leads to a High-Performance Organization. You will research and analyze your selected company by applying Organizational Behaviour theory, concepts or principles. select four (4) OB topics covered in the course, from the list below.

A research paper off of the book call the road

The final paper will be a research paper about the novel you’ve been for class –The Road. In terms of its content, purpose and organization, you’re like on the previous paper, to utilize the research to argue and interpretation of the novel or the address more generally a thematic concept within the novel and/or other works from the semester. To understand these choices more, let’s first look at the required ingredients.

Scholarly Book Review Book: James Binnall (2021). Twelve Million Angry Men:

Scholarly Book Review Book: James Binnall (2021). Twelve Million Angry Men: The Case for Including Convicted Felons on Our Jury. University of California Press. ISBN: 9780520379176 Twelve Million Angry Men: The Case for Including Convicted Felons on Our Jury. Author: James Binnall Publisher: University of California Press ISBN: 9780520379176

A HIPAA Violation Research Paper

Research, compose, and type a scholarly paper based on the scenario provided by your faculty, and choose a conclusion scenario to discuss within the body of your paper. Reflect on lessons learned in this class about technology, privacy concerns, and legal and ethical issues and address each of these concepts in the paper.


After reading the assigned texts and reviewing the recorded lectures/videos, you will complete a critical thinking exercise and submit your viewpoint to an issue question pertaining to the module topic through the class Discussion Forum. Each response should be no less than 500 words.

What role does economic disadvantage play in educational achievement?

What role does economic disadvantage play in educational achievement? How does economic disadvantage play into dropout rates? Dropout factories? Be specific. With these factors in mind, how would you go about decreasing dropout rates among the economically disenfranchised? 2. How do the following factors related to school failure: Personal Problems, Tracking, and Alienation.

Paper 1 – Gender Norms Assignment

Paper 1 – Gender Norms Assignment: The film, The Mask You Live In, suggests the boys and young men are ensnared in an emotionally discouraging trap, one that privileges oozing masculinity no matter the cost. Girls and young women face restrictions, too, that lead to harmful outcomes. In a thoughtful, well-written essay, I challenge you to consider the ways boys/young men and/or girls/young women are restricted by conventional gender roles.

Human Nature and the Blank Slate

Topic 1: Human Nature and the Blank Slate Write up a summary and your thoughts on this video: Topic 2: Little Albert Please read this article and then answer the following questions: 1. Describe the basic research question (hypothesis) that was explored in the study. 2. Describe how the research was basically conducted.


Assignment 3. Critical Thinking Writing Assignment Guidelines.TOPIC 1 (10% FINAL MARK). The written assignment needs to be 1 to 3 pages long using a double-spaced format. The assignment will be written using APA style format. Each page of your assignment must have at least two (2) references contained in them

Unit II Discussion Board Question – Employment Law

Social media is changing the landscape of hiring and promotion. Some companies are going to candidates’ social media pages (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace) and looking at their postings and pictures before making hiring decisions. Some would argue that this can lead to impermissible discrimination by viewing this information.

CrJ: Theoretical foundations 5320 Project 

The allowable percentage on this measurement will not exceed 25%. Papers exceeding 25% similarity will not be graded. The paper will be 8 to 10 pages in length, and the subjects for each will be provided by the instructor. This assignment represents a large portion of the student’s final grade.

Unit II PowerPoint Presentation – Employment Law

Instructions You are responsible for training new managers on key employment policies and practices. For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that includes information on the following topics: protected classes under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and how the Act applies to staffing decisions;

Effective Assessment Practices and PBA or PBL

Explain your current understanding of effective assessment practices including the difference between summative and formative assessment and including the concepts of reliability, validity, and fairness. Write about your belief in the worth of large-scale standardized tests and distinguish between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced varieties.

How does the RTI model apply to prevention

1. How would information about your students’ physical, social, and emotional development be used to support positive student outcomes? 2. What are multiple learning environments within the classroom? How does the use of a variety of learning environments enhance literacy development in speaking, listening, reading, and writing?

Create a 12-15 slide digital presentation

Create a 12-15 slide digital presentation, to be given to general classroom teachers in a professional development setting, on inclusion and classroom management strategies that can be incorporated into classrooms. Include a title slide, reference slide, and presenter’s notes.

2021/FA United States History II (HIST-1302-V02)

Discussion Prompt: Using the lecture for this week on the Jim Crow Era, analyze the postcard below. What do you see in the picture and what does it tell you about the time period it belongs to?

Criteria for Success

In this assignment, you will: Examine the factors that influence the feasibility of proposed solutions to reducing your carbon footprint. Compare and contrast existing solutions, conclusions, or approaches to reducing your carbon footprint.

Theoretical Foundations 5320 Discussion

Why does crime occur, according to differential association theory? Describe the theory’s key concepts and propositions. Must site sources. This is the book: Required Text: Cullen, Francis; Agnew, Robert; Wilcox, Pamela, Criminological Theory: Past to Present, Oxford University Press, Sixth Edition, ISBN: 978-0190639341.

Research Paper _ Cases of human rights in Canada!

Research Paper (35%). The research paper is an  8-10 page (double-spaced 12 pt Times New Roman, excluding reference list/bibliography). For your research paper, you will choose one historical case or document which has shaped contemporary human rights history (e.g. the Charter of Rights, R. v N.S.).

CrJ capstone 5340 Discussion

Discussions Banner Inappropriate relationships and boundary violations that occur between correctional employees and inmates can be detrimental to inmate rehabilitation and undermine institutional security. In your opinion, should researchers be permitted to conduct applied criminal justice research for the purposes of developing profiles of employees who might be prone to engaging in boundary violations with offenders before these violations actually occur?

NU 302 Case Study Assignment Instructions

As you are learning this semester, the role of the nurse is to integrate and apply knowledge from your general education background, health-related sciences, and evidence-based nursing science in the application of the nursing process to the nursing care of patients in the acute care setting.

Deeply Rooted institutional racism and criminal justice system

Deeply Rooted institutional racism affects all parts of our criminal justice system. Discuss. Structure – The essay contains a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Ideas and arguments are presented succinctly. Topic definition – Essay topic and scope of discussion are clear.   Argument – Logical flow of proposition and evidence. The student has integrated evidence. The student has provided consideration on contrary positions.


Nurses are ethically prohibited from administering medical aid in dying medication. Yet they must be comfortable supporting patients with end-of-life conversations, assessing the context of a medical aid in dying request (e.g., concern about treatable depression or coercion), advocating optimized palliative and hospice care services, and knowing about aid in dying laws and how those affect practice”

Ted Bundy 5 -7 Page paper

The research paper will require the student to submit a research paper 5-7 pages, using a minimum of three reference materials. The paper will be double spaced, including a title page and bibliography. The body of the report will consist of five to seven pages. Use our text, and at least 3 scholarly, recent, relevant sources, and cite within text, and have references at the end in APA format.

Write a 3-4 page essay on one of Watson’s Ten Carative Factors

Write a 3-4 page essay on one of Watson’s Ten Carative Factors. Be very persuasive about the critical importance of your chosen factor. Persuasively explain in your thesis how beneficial it will be to your career in nursing. In the supporting body, describe “a caring moment” from your past. Share a story from your nursing career (or life) that demonstrates your positive influence on a patient outcome that relates to the Carative Factor you are interested in.

Write a one page sociology review/critique

Please review/comment/critique chapter 11 in this text: Little, W. (2016). Introduction to Sociology – 2nd Canadian Edition. [online] Available at: The written comment/critique, which is your reflection paper will help you read with more focus and prepare you for class and the week’s reading. It will also help with your final (Term) paper.

How does being in a correction facility led up to collateral punishment

I need a thousand word paper on collateral punishment for com 213
You have to read the book zabertown by Geroge Donaldsonto really talk about how does being in a correction facility led up to collateral punishment for example getting a job after being in jail.