SS144 Unit 3 Discussion


Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and all of your technological gadgetry was gone! What would it be like to live in a world with no TV, no smartphone, no iPod®, no microwave, not even a toaster? Well, perhaps someday you will get a chance to meet someone from just such a society as our world becomes increasingly smaller due to the processes of globalization. For now, though, your task is to explore and comment on the ways that levels of technology define the ways that people in different societies around the world still live today.

Post a referenced, complete response to the Discussion topic after you have completed your reading. Also, respond to at least two peers by drawing a conclusion, asking a question, or offering additional resources on the topic.

Technology and Society

Explain how different levels of technology have shaped the development of five types of human societies over time. Describe how people in each of those societies use available technology as part of their way of life. If you had a choice to be a member of any one of those societies, including our own, which would you choose, and why?




Different levels of technology shaped the development of the five types of human societies by the society itself striving to learn and evolve. They went from building their own tools out of branches and rocks making their own fishing poles, wheels, and shelters to having multibillion-dollar companies that manufacture cars, houses, and tools/equipment that are mostly run and operated by machines themselves.   

  1. Hunting and Gathering: They used knowledge and their ability to create with their hands’ small tools to use to survive.