SS144 Unit 9 Discussion


Post a referenced, complete response to the Discussion topic after you have completed your Reading. Also, respond to at least two peers by drawing a conclusion, asking a question, or offering additional resources on the topic.

Much of the focus of Unit 9 is on how population growth and urbanization affect the environment. For this Discussion, you are asked to offer your informed prediction about the long-range prognosis for the health of the environment.

Will the human population eventually outgrow the earth’s ability to sustain it? Conduct internet research to find two examples to support your position. Post the links, and summarize the content you researched.




In my personal opinion no, the human population will not outgrow the earth’s ability to sustain it.  I believe that the earth will go up in a fiery blaze before that happens.  However, I do think that the human population is slowly using up the earth’s abilities to sustain it.