Widener NURS 684 Discussion 3 Thread 1


Widener NURS 684 Discussion 3 Thread 1

Qualitative Design Comparison

Read Grove 8th ed: chapters 12: (p. 247-283 & 9: 71) & 9: (p. 157-191).

You will need the following 2 documents:

1). JBI Qualitative Appraisal Tool Link: N684_ASPAN_JBI_Qualitative_Appraisal_Tool-1.doc

2). Qualitative Article Comparison Table Link: Qualitative_Article_Comparison_Table.docx

Directions: There are a total of 10 articles for Discussion #3; Thread 1; too many to link from this page; Go To: Files (left navigation panel, N684 Home page) -> Discussions -> Discussion #3 -> You will see 5 folders; 1 for each Philosophical/Conceptual Approach [i.e 1. Phenomenology; 2. Grounded Theory; 3. Descriptive; 4. Historical; 5. Ethnography] . Each folder contains articles from each approach. I recommend you scan quickly to choose 2 articles; one article from 2 different Philosophical/Conceptual Approaches. Review each article and use the JBI Qualitative Appraisal Tool to compare/contrast the two philosophical approaches. For example, choose a Qualitative Historical Philosophy article and a Qualitative Phenomenological approach article. Then use Grove’s description, your notes & the JBI Appraisal Tool to fill in the sections on the table. Finally, upload your completed WORD comparison table to Assignments: Discussion #3: Qualitative Article Comparison Table. Do Not Post To This Thread. There is no need of a classmate comment